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3Des Planetarium Community

The 3Des planetariums community is made up of over 30 planetariums in the world.
It aims to produce contents for scientific dissemination in fulldome format and made them available, free of charge, to its members with a lifetime license. We produce 2 new movies every year in 2K resolution (2048×2048).


Here all our movies for planetarium available for the members.

You can access, also, to our first online course for producing fulldome movies for planetarium.
At the end of the course, you will acquire the skills needed to create fisheye-style movie in
fulldome mode. Animation, graphics, 3d modeling and audio components.
To join the community there is an annul fee of 150 euro with bank tranfert and 150 euro for Paypal (Only for non Italian customers). The price for Italy include VAT.

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-For more information and to know the course plan please contact us. (info@3des.it)



Lesson 1 (restricted area) 55 min.Your first fulldome animation (easy).

Lesson 2 (restricted area) 45 min Advance fulldome sequences creation.

Lesson 2.1 (restricted area) 15 min Creation of 3D objects for fulldome movie.

Lesson 2.2 (restricted area) 8 minExtract images sequence from fulldome movie – Create the DomeMaster’s files.

Lesson 3 (restricted area) 45 min Timeline, Sandbox, Text and image in fulldome view.


Lesson 4 (restricted area ) 38 min DaVinci Resolve Video Editing





Lesson 1 (restricted area)  70 min Blender fulldome basics

Lesson 2 (restricted area)  36 min Blender fulldome World Properties

Assets Library

Assets Library




Some 2K still example